Saving Animals Since 50 Years

Animal Need Us More Than Ever

You can be help us when they need us be there when They need us very badly. Help us to feed hungry animals.

1901 – 1987

God Help Those Who Help Nature.

-Garry Christan

Helping defenseless animals and keeping in protected and loving homes requires a dedication from all of us. At the point when we cooperate under a typical reason, we’re both sparing lives and elevating our society and its laws to guarantee remorselessness casualties and other in danger creatures get the security and care they Deserve.

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Our Team is full of experience, They help to save animals who are the victims of illegal animal cruelty and natural disasters.


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Our mission is to give compelling intends to the avoidance of brutality to animals and to bring about a time when no animal will be killing. We believe that by working together we can Save Them All.

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Large number of support makes us to saved animals and plants, We have saved over 10 thousand animals and more than 2300 forest so far and this is our big achievement.